Emmeline Roodenburg


Emmeline is the Head of Healthcare for the in KPMG Saudi.

At the age of 23, she finished her dual masters in Law and Economics from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, following which she began her career in finance.

Emmeline joined KPMG Amsterdam in 2011 and after a Global role, she moved to the New York City office in 2013, to concentrate on an extensive health system redesign. She was one of the lead directors in a USD100 million engagement to transform New York States’ health system.

Her areas of expertise include international health systems with a focus on care system redesign including value based payment systems, provider transformation, life sciences and change management.

Emmeline has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with all sides of the healthcare and life sciences sector that enables her to generate solutions at the system level. In addition, she combines her content expertise with deeply rooted project management skills as a certified project management professional (PMP).

She is a great communicator, brings clarity to complicated issues, and has a talent for focusing effort on achieving goals. Her energy, steadfast dedication and no-nonsense attitude make her an excellent team player and a trustworthy partner.

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