Dr Mariam Al-Jalahma was appointed by His majesty the King of Bahrain, in 2015 as theChief Executive Officer of the National Health Regularity Authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She is as a member of the supreme council of health in Bahrain, and is appointed by the prime minister as a member in Academic accreditation Committee of the supreme council for Higher education in 2016.

Previous positions:
She was holding the position of Assistant Undersecretary for Primary Care and Public Health until 2015, and was a member of the Executive Board of The Health Minister’s Council for GCC States until 2016.
A member of the Sura Council in 2000, and a member of the National Institute for Human rights. Dr. Al-Jalahma worked as an advisor for the world health organization in the fields of Adolescents and Non communicable diseases (NCDs).

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