Dr Claudia Mika


Dr. Claudia Mika is the Founder and CEO of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation, a German-based international accreditation body.

Claudia brings years of dedication to developing and improving the Temos accreditation programs, assessing hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, reproductive care centers, and dental clinics worldwide. Having worked globally with healthcare providers, she has first-hand experience in building quality management systems as well as international patient departments from Brazil to the Philippines. With her team of experts in clinical and non-clinical services, Dr. Mika has created accreditation programs for hospitals and clinics that cater to domestic and international patients across a wide spectrum of healthcare disciplines. She actively participates in the accreditation process, spending time with clients to share her years of experience with the Continuous Quality Improvement process that is at the heart of successful accreditation.

Dr. Mika is regularly invited to international Conferences and advises different associations and governmental institutions regarding quality related topics, patient experience and international patient management. She is the Vice Chairwoman of the Diplomatic Council Healthcare Forum,  and has been a judge for the International Medical Travel Awards since 2013. In 2017, Dr. Mika was awarded the Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Award for her significant contribution to the development of the medical travel sector.


In 2019, Dr. Mika successfully spearheaded the rigorous process of submitting Temos standards for accreditation by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua now known as IEEA) to firmly cement Temos’ place among the world’s elite international accreditation organizations.

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