Mr. Mounir M. Kharma


Over 45 years of international experience, especially in the Middle East and Africa, with multi-disciplinary exposures and executive management positions. This includes experience accumulated through several years as a member of divisional management team of American Life Insurance Company (member company of AIG), a leading life insurer in the region; as Chief Executive Officer of the MedNet organization in Lebanon (Murex Holding, MedNet Liban, and other companies). This Third Party Administration operation in Lebanon manages a most significant portion of the private healthcare insurance sector portfolio. The organization is one of the pioneers to introduce healthcare management in the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East. The MedNet organization has anchored its forward looking strategy on modern technological advancements and remains the regional leader in using online and web-based networking involving both healthcare providers and insurance companies. Consequent to its success GlobeMed Ltd., a parallel corporate structure to Murex Holding, was established with focus on the globalization of these activities, through know-how transfer and localization. Through information technology exploitation a number of TPA’s were set-up wherever the business opportunity proved favorable. A total of twelve operations have been established (Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar,UAE, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Nigeria) since 2002 and several other opportunities are currently being evaluated in preparation for implementation.

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